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Straight Side Fringe


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Having a fringe hairstyle can give a very soft look for everyone who wears it. There are different ways to wear the fringes and one of the method is wearing it straight at the side of your head. Straight side fringe can be a perfect hairstyle for those who have a round face as this style can give them a narrow face look.
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Take a section of your hair for cutting as fringe and use hair clips on the sides of your head to divide the hair. Use a haircutting comb and try to cut the hair only when it is dry. Part your hair which will be cut into two even sections with a haircutting comb and it will fall on the side of your face as a fringe. Decide about the length of the fringe that you would like to have and try to keep it near your chin or tip of the nose. Pull your comb downward through one of the section by keeping the hair between index and middle fingers to cut it straight across using shears. Use this technique on the other side of your head, but make sure to line up the sides to ensure evenness. Now use the haircutting comb to pull both the sections down and center of your face. Check the length of the hair on both sides of your head. In case it looks uneven, keep the comb straight across and start cutting until both sides look even.
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