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Dannii Minogue’s Lifted Bob Hairstyle


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Dannii Minogue is having a hairstyle with a lifted bob that is the best way to style the hair for those like to have their hair short.  It looks almost similar to a standard bob which is considered to be a classic and versatile way of styling the hair. There are different variations available in a bob hairstyle, but a lifted bob can be worn in many ways such as wavy, spiky and messy.
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To create this hairstyle, first wash your hair using a volumizing shampoo and try to condition the ends of your hair. Try to detangle your hair by combing it with a wide-tooth comb and leave the hair to dry on its own. Next mist all over your hair with a little amount of styling spray when it is slightly damp and blow dry your hair with a hair dryer on medium heat. Now tease the hair with a large, vent brush to get more volume in your hair and pull it up towards the back of your head. Once your hair becomes dry, try to make a deep side part. Then take about one inch section of the hair to wrap it with small Velcro rollers and keep the rolling about halfway from your scalp. At last spritz the ends of your hair with a fine-mist hairspray and take the rollers out after 15 minutes. Now you can style your hair using your fingers to create a more natural look.
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