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Hairstyle With Bouncy Weave


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Creating a bouncy weave in your hair can be a difficult job for most of the people as they need to follow a special method to do it. It is important to select a good grade of hair to wear the weave for a long period of time and if you get a low grade of hair it may lose its bounce in a few weeks. Here are few simple steps that can be followed to create a bouncy weave.
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To start the styling process, first brush your hair with a paddle hair brush before washing your hair to reduce the tangling. Then wash the hair using a good old-fashioned shampoo or get help from a hairstylist to know what type of technique was used to add the weave to your hair. Next rinse the weave thoroughly as many times as possible to make it completely clean. Condition your hair and dry it fully. Make sure that the entire synthetic hair has been washed and conditioned. You must also have a human-hair weave to get back the original bouncy look back into the synthetic hair. Use a little amount of moisturizer on your hair and use a flat iron to begin styling. Take smaller sections of the hair to get the light look as your hair will be ironed in individual parts. Spritz the hair with a little amount of hairspray and style it as per your desire using a hair brush.
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