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Poof Hairstyle With Bangs


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The poof is a unique hairstyle that has been worn by most of the women. This style can give a fun look which is also very functional. The poof can be created along with bangs in an updo to make it look more attractive.
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To create this hairstyle, first comb your bangs forward and divide it from bulk of your hair. Then brush rest of the hair straight back of your head to keep it out of the way. Now create more in your hair if it is fine or thin. Start from the top of your bangs, pull a thin horizontal section from the bangs. Keep the ends in your hand and brush it with the other hand. Starting from the halfway down the length, try to comb toward the scalp. Continue to back comb the majority of bangs and comb the front to get a smooth look when it is secured back. Next pull the entire bang and keep the end in your hands for twisting the end to hold it down on the top of your head. Hold the twisted end in place using two bobby pins by sliding it facing toward the center of the head. Try to adjust your poof with your hands and make sure that all of your hair is in the bobby pins secured at the crown. Keep the hair on top smooth and try to pat it down on either side to make it straight.
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