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Hairstyle With Curly Weave


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Having a hairstyle with curly weave can be the ultimate way to style the hair to look completely unique. The hair weave can be used on any type of hair and in different lengths starting from short, medium and long hair. People who are having naturally curly hair can use different styling methods to get a sleek look.
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To create this style, wash the hair and dry it as usual without using a heating product. Now make a part in your hair and create a cornrow braid against your scalp tightly. Try to braid your hair close together in equal size and start sewing the ends together at the front of the head. Cut tracks from ear to ear and at the back your head. Try to sew them into your braids from ear to ear and then cut about 5-6 tracks that will be kept at the back of the head. Tease your hair to add more volume which will avoid the style to look thin. Next use a thumb-sized circle of weave hair over the top of your head in circular pattern. Try to sew the hair tracks in a criss-cross pattern starting from right side behind your ear in the front left. Pull the hair tracks tightly while sewing it and end the styling process after misting all over the hair with detangler hairspray. You can also pull out few strands from the hair to get a natural look.
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