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Taking Care Of Damaged Curls


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A curly hair can be very difficult to control in some cases which can give a very hard time for most the people. But when the curly hair gets damaged it can be much more difficult to get its shape back n place. Damaged curly hair is near impossible to style nicely. It is important to remove the tangles, wiry strands and overall poufy look in your hair to create well-defined, shiny curls. Here is a simple method that can be followed to control the damaged curls.
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There are many ways a curly hair can be damaged such as using a flatiron, curling iron, hair dryer and other styling tools with heat. Always use a shampoo to wash your hair and make sure you condition it well. Coloring the hair can also increase the chances of causing damage to the strands and keeping ponytails in the same place all the time can also lead to damage.  To fix the damage on the curly hair, first get a haircut to reduce the effects of damaged hair. A haircut can reduce the split ends and try to get a cut that looks good. Reduce the use a shampoo to three times a week and avoid using heating tools while you are trying to repair your hair. Treat the hair by deep conditioning it to keep it healthier. Always try to keep the naturally curly hair in the same way and reduce the amount of styling with your hair.
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