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Hairstyle With Raccoon Highlights


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Adding raccoon highlights to your hair can make it more unique than any other hairstyles. You can easily emulate stripped pattern of the raccoon’s tail with this highlights. There will be a mixture of hair colors on your hair along with stripes of black and white.
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Start the styling by taking a chunk of hair on top of your head and secure it to the hair below. Take the remaining hair and keep it away from the styling process. Use a plastic wrap to cover your head below the clipped chunk of hair. Spread Vaseline around neck, hairline and ears to protect them from the hair color. Then take the hair color kit to look for items such as developer, color and plastic gloves. Mix the developer along with the hair color in a bowl thoroughly to get the desired color. Take strand of hair and keep the brush about one inch from roots of your hair chunk. Apply the hair color to one inch of hair and avoid the top inch. Spread the hair color around the inch of your hair using the finger. Dip the coloring brush in the hair color and keep it about 3 inches from hair’s roots. Start applying it to 1 inch of hair by brushing downwards. Use the same method to color other parts of the hair and leave it for about 20-45 minutes as per the instructions on the kit. Finally rinse your hair with warm water and condition it.
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