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Moisturizing An Afro Hair


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Moisturizing an afro hair can be a little difficult as the hair will look rough. It is very important to car for an afro hair or you may have a bad hair day. The afro hair will be very dry as its structure does not have the natural oils. Dryness can make the hair to break easily and moisturizing it with natural oil can help to reduce the breakage. You can also follow a healthy diet to keep the hair soft.
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Try to wash the hair at least once or twice a week depending upon the dryness in your hair. Washing the hair will make it dry that can lead to breakage. Use a silk pillow to reduce the tangles and retain the moisture. Apply shea butter in between your hands to make it warm slightly and spread it all over the hair. Massage shea butter into the scalp and try to rub it through rest of the hair starting from root to the tip. Use a comb to brush through the hair to spread the shea butter equally. Make sure to use the comb which has been specially designed for afro hair that usually have wider gaps to prevent the unnecessary breakage. Leave shea butter on the hair from 30 minutes to 1 hour as per the package instructions and then rinse the hair with cool water that can help to remove residue from hair. Now style the hair as per your desire.
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