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Oster Haircut


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Oster hair clippers are considered to be the first hand-held clippers that were introduced in the 1920s. Most of the hairstylist use clippers to style the hair completely short and it have been known to be started with the Oster clippers. It is important to follow a certain technique to use these clipper to style your hair. Using clipper needs some practice as it can be very difficult for those who are using it for the first time.
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First prepare your hair by trimming longer hair using shears as it can get caught in the blades of the clippers. Keep your hair dry during the cutting process and try to read the instruction before using the clippers. Start trimming the hair at the back of your head near the neck and use a rocker cutting motion to move toward the top of your head. Continue along the sides, the nape of your neck and around the ears. Try to work gently while using the clippers on your hair and do not force the blades through your hair. Keep your hand as a guide to the clippers in the right direction throughout your styling process. After cutting the hair with the clippers try to clean it regularly to be used again for the next time. Take out the blades from the clipper and wash it with warm water. Try to keep clipper cord away from heat sources and while cleaning them unplug the clippers from power source.
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