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Straightening Your Hair Chemically


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There are different ways that can used to straighten your hair and one of the simple methods is straightening it with a chemical. Hair straightening can be done to get a completely new look. Chemical hair straightening process involves strong chemicals like sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate or guanidine hydroxide to straighten your hair shaft. Most of the people who like to make their curly hair straight will use chemicals in the beginning. It is important to consult a hair specialist before treating your hair chemically as it can damage your hair. Here is a simple method that can be used to straighten your hair chemically at home without getting help from a hairstylist.
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First spread chemical hair relaxing formula all over the hair which make the hair soft, loose and relax your natural curls. In case of overly curly or damaged hair, use a hair conditioner before the relaxer. Leave the hair as it is for the appropriate time and rinse your hair completely with warm water. Now spread the neutralizing formula to oxidize and restore your hair to a normal pH. Make sure to apply the hair conditioner before the relaxing formula again at this stage. It is very important to condition a severely damaged hair to make it strong and healthy before trying to straighten it. A chemically straightened hair will take hours off of the morning beauty routine and it will also look more natural than a flat-ironed hair.
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