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Hairstyle With Wispy Sideburns


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Those who have short hair will try to trim the sideburns to make their hairstyle look feminine without hanging down. There are different ways to trim the sideburns, but the simplest way to cut the sideburns is in a wispy style which can prevents it from lying in a straight edge shape. Cutting the sideburns on your own can be a difficult process, so get help from a friend or a hairstylist. In case you are expert in trimming your hair, do it on your own by standing in front of a mirror.
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First cut your sideburns when the hair is completely dry by pulling the side hair away from your face with a comb. Keep your hair in between your fingers during the cutting process. Cut your sideburns slightly longer than the actual size you want to have using scissors and taper the joint between sideburns as well as the hair on the rest of your head to prevent a choppy line between your hair & the sideburns. Slide edge of a razor across surface of your hair to cut the bulk of the hair using a razor and avoid cutting through all of your strands to keep wispy look. Now keep your hair in between the fingers again and cut small notches into hair ends using the scissors which will give sideburns a wispy look. Try to continue trimming your hair with thinning shears and blend the sideburns seamlessly into rest of your hairstyle.
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