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Barber Cuts


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Barber cuts have been very popular among most of the men when compared to women. These haircuts has been their from a long time, but it has become much rarer. This hairstyle is usually achieved using electric razors as well as clippers which are usually  available mostly for personal use. It is very easy to get this barber cut at home without going to a hairstylist.
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Before beginning the styling process, decide what type of barber cut that you like to have. Then comb your hair carefully after it is full dry as wet hair can make it difficult to trim it using the electric clippers. Use the longest clipper attachment length with the clippers and start from the section on your head which needs the shorter hair. Try to glide the clippers on your head to cut your hair and keep the clippers away from your scalp for longer cut. You can also send them right against your scalp for shorter cut. In case your attachment is long, use another longest attachment. Then move to nest section of your head which requires next shortest haircut and try to change your clipper attachment as per you desire. Use the hair scissors for cutting a section of your hair which needs longer cut than the clipper attachments usually allow. Cut around near curve of your both ears with scissors and straighten your hairline just near the nape of your neck with electric razor. At last trim the hairline near nape of your neck.
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