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Brazilian Hair Straightening


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Brazilian hair straightening is one of the most popular way to changing a curly hair into luscious locks. This method usually seals your hair cuticle with heat and keratin. It can also cause less damage to the hair than other treatments such as Japanese hair straightening and chemical straightening.
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To start the styling process, first get a formaldehyde-free Brazilian hair straightening treatment and then wash the hair using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any residue. Next test the inconspicuous strip of hair and incase of any adverse effects discontinue use immediately. Now separate the hair into horizontal sections just like putting it into half up and secure each section up by leaving only the section closest near the base of your neck loose. Use the Brazilian hair straightening treatment on your hair from the section closest to the neck from the roots and move your way down. Brush the hair with a fine-tooth comb to spread the treatment evenly from roots to ends. Leave the treatment for about 15-20 minutes and blow dry the hair to seal the treatment. Comb the hair as you blow-dry and divide hair again just like before. Use the ceramic hair straightener with hottest setting to straighten one inch sections of your hair. Start from the section closest to the neck and move your way up to the closest sections to your scalp. Finally wash the hair after 48 hours or leave it on for some more time for best result.
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