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Embellished Updo


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Embellished updo is a great way to style the hair that is medium to long. This style can be a perfect choice for a special event such as a wedding. It can be a little difficult to create this hairstyle n your own for the first time so get help from a friend until you become comfortable in achieving it on your own.
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First divide your hair from ear to ear in a U shape and secure top section away from the styling process. Take the bottom section of hair and add few pins over it on the top to add grip for a rolled portion. Then take a section of hair from the right side to roll it upwards to create a loop and slide it in a pin to keep it in place. Use the same technique on the rest of your hair till it is rolled upwards as a looped bun. Now take the top part of the hair that was secured earlier and divide it into three sections. Start braiding it by crossing each outside strand over middle and take a strand from the top to create a lace braid. Continue the braiding process until you reach the right ear and end it with a regular braid. Use a clear elastic band to secure the braid and make it lay directly underneath your lace braid resting right above the rolled bun. Use hair pins to keep the braids in place and spritz a hairspray.
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