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Hairstyle With Box Bob


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A box bob is a very unique way of styling the hair that is short. This hairstyle will look very neat that is suitable for a formal event. It is one of the fundamental and popular salon hairstyle that can be achieved perfectly with the help of a hairstylist. There are many celebrities who like to cut their hair in this manner to get the unique look. This style not only emphasizes your cheekbones and the eye area, it can also create a graceful neck.
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You must be able to work back in parallel sections and select the section at the back of your head into two half for easy work. Then you must be able to move towards your head with parallel sections reaching the ear following the section into the front hairline. Starting at the nape of your neck make a slightly curved horizontal section cut a square line with the tension. Then start at the centre of your head and work on both sides. Try to select a fairly large initial part of the hair to establish the weight in your outline. Continue with the parallel sections on the head with same tension and using the previous section as a guide. Make sure that your head is tilted slightly which will help you to cut the line with accuracy. Try to follow the square line related to your head angle when the head is tilted to make the hairstyle look good.
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