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Japanese Hair Straightening


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Hair straightening is one of the best to achieve a new look if you have a curly or wavy hair. There are different methods used to straighten the hair and one of them is Japanese hair straightening. This process is known to be done only by a licensed professional hairstylist.
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Before starting the styling process, hair must be washed thoroughly by following a regular washing method. It is better to wash the hair a day before the styling process and try to do it with the help of a hairstylist. Use a Japanese hair straightening product as per the instructions on that and make sure that a proper straightening product is used on your hair. The Japanese hair straightening system will be used on the hair when it still damp starting at the nape of your neck, over the ends of your hair and moving your way up. Avoid using the relaxer on your scalp and brush through the strands using a small tooth comb, without touching the scalp. Next cover the entire head using a long clear plastic and sit under a dryer. Keep the plastic loose on your head and then wash your hair before conditioning it as usual. Use a ceramic hair straightener to flatten the hair starting with small sections from the nape of your neck. Use the iron on your hair from the roots to tips and continue this process a few times without burning the hair.
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