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Methods To Darken Blonde Base


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Having a blonde base can be disturbing for some of them and it can be darkened by putting a little effort. It is best to gradually darken the hair, but it can be done by using few styling products at home without going to hair specialist. The blonde base can be darkened in two different ways such as using a hairs color and achieving it naturally.
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To darken the blonde base with hair products, first use a slightly darker shade to color the hair or consult a hairstylist before doing this process. Color your hair as per the directions mentioned on the particular product and reduce the amount of time that the color is on your hair. Then rinse the hair as usual to see the result. In case you are not satisfied with the result you have achieved wait for at least one week to repeat the process again. To darken the blonde base naturally, first try to brew a strong black tea or black coffee to rinse into the darken hair. Leave the brew to cool off and apply it all over the hair when it still damp. The brew must be left on your hair for about 5-10 minutes. Then wash the hair as usual and condition it. This process must be re-done at least once a month to maintain the darkened look and it will help you to avoid re-coloring the hair that can cause damage to the hair cuticles.
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