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Gwen Sebastian’s Graduated Bob


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Gwen Sebastian is wearing a graduated bob hairstyle that is a great way to style your hair when it is short. This style can give a very simple look on anyone who wears it, especially for a professional environment. Most of the women who like to style their hair in this manner as it can be created on any type of hair. It is better to go to a saloon to cut your hair in this way if you are doing it for the first time.gwen sebastian3 gwen sebastian4

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To create a graduated bob, first make a center part on top of your crown towards the nape and create a curved section across the occipital bone on your head. Keep your hair at a 45 degree angle for checking the complete length of the haircut. Start the cutting process on both sides of the head near your parting that was created at occipital area. Try to cut the hair by pulling away from your head and take a guide hair away from your head at a 90 degree angle to do the graduation cut. Use the same technique over the forward section of your hair at the top for a natural parting. Take your hair from occipital area as a guide to cut it forward and create the length in the front. Finally style your natural parting over the sides of with minimal tension and continue the cutting process on top of your natural part.
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