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Hayden Panettiere’s Coiled Updo


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Hayden Panettiere is having a coiled updo hairstyle that can be achieved with a hair that is medium to long in length. It can be a great choice of hairstyle that can be worn only for a special event such as a wedding. This is an alternative hairstyle to a traditional hairstyle and stuffy buns. It is very difficult to achieve this hairstyle as it can take more time to create it that makes it less popular among women. Here are few steps to create this hairstyle on your own without getting help from anyone.
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To get this style, make sure that your hair is long enough to create an updo. Then start your styling process by washing your hair. Next separate the hair into 4-5 sections and try to wrap one section around itself tighter. Start coiling your rolled up section to make a snail-like coil and leave out few tendrils around your face to make it look attractive. Secure the hair with bobby pins and use the same process over the other sections of your hair which was separated for creating coils around the head. Avoid using any hair lightening products because it can damage the hair and try to wash your hair using a moisturizing shampoo before conditioning the hair to weigh it down to complete the styling process. Mist the hair with a finishing hairspray to make the hairstyle look good or you can add any hair accessory.
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