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Crisscrossing Hair Weaves


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Creating a crisscross weave in your hair can give a very interesting look. It is something special that can easily change your look. This one is possible to be used by anyone to create updos also, but it is important to get some practice before crossing the hair weave in this manner.
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First divide the front section in your hair near the hairline using a comb and secure it with bobby pins. Then separate another section nest to the side of the original section which must be triangular as well as slightly overlap on first section just behind it. Mist the first part of the hair and spread a gel. Then take the second part on the other side of your hair to twist it slightly and keep it in place with bobby pins. Now brush a third part of the hair over other side on the original section in a triangular shape and with  same size just like the second part. Mist the section with a hairspray and apply a hair gel all over it. Take the third part of your hair to other side and try to cross it just on the second section of the hair. Now part actual section into two different pieces and try to cross it over opposite side. Then take another piece and use the same hair. Pull the hair pieces back by crossing it over to secure it in place. Use the same method over other side of your head.
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