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Methods To Straighten Cowlicks


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A cowlick usually occurs when the hair follicles start to grow in a different direction than others in a spiral pattern. It can make the hair on some part of your head to stand up in an unruly manner. There is no need to use any type of special technique to clear this problem as it can be done without using any important tools. It is a problem that is mainly faced by the people who have short hair when compared to lengthy hair. There are different ways to control the cowlick that can be really annoying for some of them. This issue can be solved by following few simple methods which can help to straighten the cowlick and make it lay flat on your head.
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To straighten the cowlick, first consult your hair stylist who can cut the hair surrounding the problem area making it less visible. Secure your hair down using a bobby pin and this will train your cowlick hairs to lay on your head in the right direction. Spread a little amount of hair gel or cream when the hair is still wet after washing it. Use a brush to comb your cowlick flat while drying the hair with a hair dryer. Another best option is grow your hair as long as possible which can easily cover the cowlicks as there will be more weight added on the hair that will make it lay in the right direction.
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