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Rachel Hurd Wood’s Short Spikes


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Rachel Hurd Wood is wearing a hairstyle that has short spikes. It is a perfect hairstyle for those who like to keep their hair short. This style is also known as one of the most fun looking hairstyle that can be created just with a hair gel. It can be helpful for those who want to change their hair into flat, short and spiky hairstyle. Most of the celebrities who like to keep their hairs short usually prefer this style as it can be achieved easily with very less time. Here are few simple steps to achieve this spiky look at home.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair completely and use a blow dryer for drying the air by tousling it. Try to tousle your hair with your hand while drying it and make sure to avoid using hair brush because it can make the hair difficult to get a spiky look. Now take use a hair dryer to move it around base of the neck by pointing it top to create a lift in your hair. Then leave the hair to dry on its own only if you want to avoid a blow dryer and try to tousle it once in every 15 minutes. Spread a little amount of styling wax all over the hair to create the spikes easily and tousle the hair using your hands only. You can also smoothen the chunks of hair with your fingers.
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