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Using African Pomade


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Most of the people who have a dry scalp will face lot of problem in dealing with them. There are variety of pastes and waxes which are a healthier to shape your natural wave. African pomade along with a wave cap can keep your hairstyle look sleek and stylish. Here are few steps that can be helpful in using a African Pomade in a proper method. It is important consult a hair specialist before using any type of hair pomade to avoid any damage to your hair.
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Before starting the hairstyle, try to brush it slightly to create waves and keep on brushing the hair until the waves get a defined look. Then spread a dime-sized amount of pomade in your palm and rub it together to make it warm and melt. Try to work the pomade starting from the roots and style it as per your desire using your hands as well as fingers. You can also use more pomade only if required, but make sure that you don’t over use it on your hair as it can make your hairstyle look bad. Wear a wave cap on your hair for additional shine as well as definition and try to wear it overnight for results. The wave caps will work perfectly if your hair is an inch long or shorter. African Americans are very much prone to dry scalp as well as commercial hair products as they can exacerbate the condition.
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