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Barrel Ponytail


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Creating a barrel ponytail is one of the simplest ways of styling the hair whether it is curly or a wavy. This hairstyle is usually created with a standard curling iron and there is no need to get help from a hairstylist. Before using the barrel to create the ponytail, try to practice is until you make it perfect.
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To get this style, first comb the hair at the back of your away from the face using a double bristle hair brush to make it smooth. Secure the ponytail with a elastic around its base and heat up the barrel curling iron. Then wrap the one once inch section of your hair in the curling iron and leave one inch near the end to achieve a natural curl. Use the same method on the other parts of the hair with one inch sections which depends on your look. Try to curl each section of the hair to create a voluminous curls and it will also add body as well as texture to your hair. At last add a small amount of shinning lotion in your hands and spread it all over the hair by running your hands over the crown area. Use your fingers to go through the ponytail to get more shine in the hair. Make sure to hide the elastic underside the ponytail by wrapping it in the elastic. Try to secure end of your hair strand using bobby pins to end the styling process.
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