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Demi Hair Color


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Applying hair color at home can be a risky process as it can consume more time when you are doing it for the first time. Using colors on your hair at home needs lot of patience and it is important to follow all the necessary instructions to achieve a great hairstyle. A demi hair color can be a perfect solution to color your hair with a less-damaging option and while doing for the first time get help from a hairstylist.
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Before starting the styling process, use the hair color on a small section of the hair to look for any negative reaction. Then put a cloth around your shoulders and apply a petroleum jelly on your hair line to prevent the hair color from falling on your skin. Then create a half ponytail and secure it on top of your head to keep it away from the styling process. Now divide the part of hair that is left out into two equal sections and secure each of them individually. Wear a pair of gloves in your hands to avoid stain and irritation of your skin. Now take the demi color and mix it with developer lotion. Start applying the color on your hair part by part at the roots and work it to the ends of your hair. Then rinse your hair after leaving the color on it for half an hour. At last condition your hair using a hydrating hair conditioner.
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