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Fade Haircut Using Wahl Clippers


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A fade haircut is type of hairstyle where the hair gradually increases in length from the bottom of your head to top. This haircut can be achieved by using different types of styling tools and one of them it the Wahl clippers that has been specifically marketed to create fades and other haircuts. Creating the fade haircut at home using Wahl clippers can save money and time.
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First put a cloth around your neck to prevent the hair from falling on your skin. Take the Wahl clippers and set it on the highest guard. The size of highest guard is the one that will determine the maximum length of your hair. The same guard must be used to cut the sides and back of your hair. Then brush your hair using a fine-toothed comb to remove any loose hairs. Next change the guard for the next size down at the back and sides. Brush your hair again to get rid of any loose hairs. Now use another size smaller to cut your hair again end your cutting stroke over one-sixteenth to one-eighth inch from first cut. Brush the hair to remove the loose hairs and repeat this process by switching to a lower guard to cut within one-sixteenth to one-eighth inch. Do the last fade and comb through your hair one last time. In case of any uneven patches over the middle of your fade, try to touch it with higher guard.
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