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Methods To Revive Hair Weave


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The hair weave can act like a real hair only after wearing it for 4-6 weeks, but maintain a original hair and weave hair can be a difficult process. Before taking the weave back up from the hairline, try to use some additional methods to refresh your hairpiece. Even though, the weaving must be replaced after few months it can be revived in the middle to look better.
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First wash your hair weave using a nourishing shampoo that has been specially designed for the weave type you are wearing. In case of exceptionally dry weaves, use shampoos that have hydrating moisturizers. Wash your hair using warm water and avoid using the shampoo over the joint where your natural hair meets the weave. Then give a conditioning treatment to your hair by using a leave-in conditioner over the ends of the weave. Next scrunch the product through your hair and avoid using hair conditioners that are rich in oil as it can weigh down your hair, but you can use the conditioners that has argan oil for a nourished look. In case these steps fail to revive your hair weave, go to a salon before the weave becomes too loose to trim the edges to get a clean look. At last mist all over your hair with a antibacterial weave hairspray. Try to keep the hair weave wrapped in a silk scarf while you go to bed at night to avoid damage to the hairpiece.
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