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Straighten Hair Without Using Relaxers


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Changing a curly or wavy hair into straight strands can be a very difficult process for most of them. A hair straightening process is usually down by using a styling tool such as hair relaxers. But using such as product can sometimes affect your hair that can cause skin irritations. Here is a simple process that can be used to straighten your hair without using any relaxers.
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First wash your hair to get rid of dirt and oil using a moisturizing shampoo. Then condition your hair using a daily conditioner and rinse it thoroughly. Dry your hair using a towel and avoid rubbing it over the hair as it can cause damage the hair strands. Next spread a quarter-size amount of serum over the hair to control frizz and split ends. Brush the hair to distribute the serum evenly throughout your hair. Now blow-dry the hair using a diffuser and dry it with medium heat setting. Take a round hair to comb the hair by pulling it straight concentrating air stream from hair dryer over one section at a time.  Try to straighten your hair with a flat iron on to the highest heat setting and use one section at a time for this process. Spritz the section with an oil-based flat iron mist and move on to the next section. End the styling process by misting the hair with a light hold hairspray hat will lock in your straight hair style.
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