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Regrowing Patchy Hair


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Patchy hair loss can be a problem that can occur due to stress, poor hair care or other issues. The most important step in regrowing the patchy hair is identifying the reason behind it. You can regrow patchy hair by following an improved hair care techniques or medication. Here are few important steps that must be followed to regrow patchy hair loss. Even though there are various techniques to be followed to solve this problem, these are some of the basic methods that can be used before moving on other steps.
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First consult a dermatologist to know the cause of a patchy hair loss. Get help from the doctor for an alternative medication if you are following one to avoid side effects that can cause hair loss. Try to reduce your emotional stress that can stop hair loss and help to regrow your hair. Do regular exercise to reduce depression as well as emotional stress and take plenty of rest. After consulting a doctor, try to take vitamins such as B-complex, niacin, folate, flaxseed oil and biotin that can help to regrow patchy hair as well as maintaining hair health.  Increase the intake of protein by following a healthier diet that includes protein to regrow the hair faster. Try to condition and massage the scalp after washing it with a shampoo. Use a strengthening hair conditioner and massage the conditioner into the scalp gently to increase the blood circulation and to strengthen hair follicles.
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