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Steps For Covering Short Bangs


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Having short bangs can give a very interesting look for most of the women, but there are few who don’t like to have short bangs as it can spoil their look. In case you want to hide the short bangs until they reach a reasonable length there are few styling methods that can be followed.
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The first option is pulling the bangs up and away from the forehead to secure it on top of your head. Then fluff your hair up a little to add some volume which will give a cute look. Next mist the hair with a hairspray. The second option is using clip-in bangs or extensions that are available in beauty supply stores. You can just slide them right into the existing hair and over the short bangs to create the illusion of longer bangs. The third option is pulling your bangs back and securing it in place. You can just part the hair in a deep side part using a comb and pull your hair over the bangs to camouflage them. This will create a look that will not have any bangs. The last option is wearing a cute hat or wide headband. Just pull the headband right on the bangs to make it sit right above the forehead to create a bohemian hairstyle. This method can help to cover your bangs along with a chic look. The hat can also be pulled down low to cover any hair mistakes.
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