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Using Redken Hair Color


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A redken hair color is mainly used in salons all across the world to create a fashionable hairstyle. It is usually mixed in different ratios depending on the purpose of hair color. Anyone can use the redken hair color at home as per their desire.
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Before starting the hairstyling process, wear hand gloves on your hands and keep the applicator bottle in your dominant hand. Place the index finger over the tip to make sure that the color solution does not come out. Shake the bottle for one minute to mix the color prior to application. Start applying the hair color when the hair is completely dry using the tip of applicator bottle to create horizontal parts in your hair on the side of the head. Make about two inches apart and then work your way around the head till you reach the starting point. Take the ends of your hair in the palm and try to squeeze out the color to cover remaining dry hair. Now check your hair for dry patches and use remaining hair color in the bottle to cover your hair that is left out. Take your hair on top of the head and wear a shower cap. Use a towel to run it over the tip of a section of hair to check the hair color and if it is not the color you are looking for leave the hair another 2-5 five minutes more before checking it again.
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