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Allison Williams Folded French Braid


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Allison Williams has got a very beautiful folded French braid hairstyle that is known to be a very unique way of styling the hair for any special event. Even though this style looks very complicated to achieve, it can be created easily at home without getting help from anyone. You must have at least medium to long hair to create this hairstyle in a perfect shape. This style can be a perfect choice for those who are planning to change their look completely. Just use this simple technique to achieve this hairstyle on your own.
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To start the hairstyling process, make a French braid as far as possible from your head till the end of the hair. Keep the braid in place with a rubber band or hair elastic. Then try to fold the braid into half under itself and tuck the bottom of the hair under the center of your French braid. Hold the French braid in place and try to secure it using bobby pins or any hair pins.  Make sure to hold your braid in place by focusing on the area under and sides of the braid. The hair pins must be able to keep the ends of your braid tightly. Now you must hide the hair pins that were used to keep the hair in place under the hairstyle as per your desire. Finally mist all over your hair with a shining spray to get into the look.
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