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Hairstyle With Pinch Braid


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A pinch braiding hairstyle is one of the options to include natural or synthetic hair extensions into your natural hair. This step does not involve clips or chemical glue to pinch the braid as it secures each small lock with a special braid. It is important to maintain your pinch braid according to the recommendations and try to purchase a proper hair extension that needs less maintenance.
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First divide the lock of your natural hair which will be used for the pinch braid. Then comb your hair to make it tangle-free and take the hair extension to fold it into half. Next keep the folded hair extension on your natural hair section at the place where the pinch braiding will be started. Take one-half of the folded hair extension over the left braiding section and other half of folded hair extension over the right braiding section. Try to cross the right braiding section over the left braiding section to make the natural hair as the left braiding section. Now cross new left braiding section on the new center braiding section and continue this process until you reach the end of your natural hair section. Divide both the hair extension sections to create a third section and replace your natural section with it in the end. Continue braiding the hair till your reach the ends of your hair extension sections. At last secure your pinch braid in place with a small elastic band.
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