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Relaxing A Sensitive Hair


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Hair relaxing process can be done on any type of hair which can help to straighten your hair by reducing the curl in it. The hair relaxers usually use harsh chemicals to straighten the hair that can make the sensitive hair susceptible to irritation. It is very important to use the hair relaxer gently on your hair. There are many hair relaxers that have been specially made for different hair types, so select the best one that suits your hair. Use the following technique to relax your sensitive hair without affecting the hair.
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First Make purchase a hair relaxer that is suitable for your sensitive hair and scalp. Then divide the hair into small sections and secure it individually with the help of hair clips. Spread hair oil over the scalp to protect it from the chemicals in the relaxer. Wear plastic gloves on your hands to apply the relaxer over the hair and brush the hair to straighten the hair. Follow the instructions on the relaxer kit before leaving the hair relaxer on your hair. Then use a neutralizing shampoo to wash your hair by massaging it throughout the hair. Next rinse your hair fully using warm water to remove the chemicals from the hair. Use the shampoo on your hair again and wash it completely. Rinse the shampoo from your hair and apply the conditioner as usual.  Finally brush through the hair when it is still damp and dry it as usual.
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