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Methods For Using Lightening Activators


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Hair colors are usually used experiment with your hair by changing the overall look of your hair. In case you have a naturally dark hair, then you must apply a lightening activator to prepare the hair before using a toner. The lightening activators are known to break down the melanin in a dark hair by removing the hair color completely that can help to achieve a lighter color without changing it into brassy.
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Before starting the hairstyling, first try to test your hair for any allergies caused by a hair color. Then keep an old towel around the shoulders and comb the hair thoroughly. Next take the lightening activator along with liquid lightener and mix it in a bowl. Put on hand gloves and start spreading the activator on your hair by dividing it into sections. Use the brush applicator to spread the mixture on the hair and make sure to cover the length of the hair shaft. Use the activator along the part line starting from front to back of your head and make another part half inch from the first to apply over the root line. Continue to divide the hair and applying the activator to the roots all over the head. Try to distribute the lightener to ends of the hair using your hands and leave it on your hair as per the directions on the box. Finally rinse the hair with cool water till the water runs clean.
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