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Amandla Stenberg’s Mini Twist Hairstyle


amandla stenberg TeenNick HALO Awards - Arrivals
Amandla Stenberg is wearing a hairstyle with mini twists that is almost similar to cornrows. This hairstyle is liked by the teenagers with coarse hair and it usually varies from medium to long in length along with smaller sections which will be twisted close to scalp. It is worn by teenagers as they are known to reflect their personalities and individuality with this style. Use this simple technique to get this hairstyle without going to a hairstylist that can help to save time as well as money.
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To create this hairstyle, start your styling process in a calm mood as you must need lot of patience o achieve this style. Wash your hair as usual and deeply condition it. Then rinse your hair and spread a little amount of hair styling gel all over that can help to add more hold to your twisted hair. Next pull a section of hair about one to two inches long and try to twist it using your fingers. Make sure to avoid using any hairstyling to twist your hair as it can spoil your look. Then make sure that twisted hair is kept close to your roots as it will make the twist to sit properly. Continue this twisting process all over your hair to achieve a mini twist. This hairstyle usually takes lot of time which usually depends on the length of the hair. At last spritz all over your hair with a hold hairspray to complete your styling process.
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