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Naomi Campbell With A Blunt Fringe


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Naomi Campbell is wearing one of the simplest hairstyle along with a blunt fringe. It can be a perfect hairstyle for those with a long or short hair. This style can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it and it is also worn by most of the women to get rid of a boring hairstyle. You can also get a blunt haircut and add straight bangs in your hairstyle to it look updated. There are many celebrities who have been seen with this type of hairstyle. Try o create this hairstyle at home only if you are expert in hair cutting as you can spoil the look if you are doing it for the first time.
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To achieve this style, first wash your hair completely before starting your styling process. Next comb your hair smoothly with a wide tooth comb starting from top to bottom of your head when it is still damp. Part the hair side-to-side from your temple to temple and take the front part forward. Try to twist the hair and cut all them with a sharp pair of shears. Make sure that your hair is cut about a quarter inch longer that the bangs and brush the bangs forward to get small detailed cuts. You can keep the bangs straight on your forehead and then style the hair as usual. At last go through your hair completely to look for bangs that are not cut properly to give a final cut.
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