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Removing Brassiness From Hair


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Having a blond hair can give a fun look, but the brassiness can make it look worst on your head. Blond hair usually covers natural dark roots that are prone to turning odd shade of golden orange. The brassiness can appear immediately after the color is used on your hair that can be removed with few styling products available at the drugstore.
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First you must wash the hair using a blue shampoo or a purple shampoo. Then use a toner on your hair to cover the brassiness as it is a semi-permanent color that can be used over the current hair color. After rinsing the toner from your hair, the brassiness will be removed. There are different types of toner available, but you must use the one which has violet or blue base. Try to check the water that is used for washing as it can change blond locks into brassy. Home water which has high contents of iron deposits can make the hair look a red and brassy. Use a test strip to check how much iron is available in the water. You can also use an iron filter to attach it with the shower head t maintain the hair with iron-infused water. The final option will be getting help from a hairstylist in case the brassy color is stubborn which can difficult to come out. The stylist will be using other methods to remove the brass color on your hair.
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