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Reversing The Hair Relaxer


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Hair relaxers are usually used by the people who have coarse and curly hair to achieve a straightened look. Even though, the hair relaxers are known to be effective, sometimes they are also too effective. You can cover your hair with a scarf until the chemically treated has grown out and never maintain the hair relaxer as it can make it difficult to reverse it. In case you are planning to reverse the hair relaxing process, use the following method.
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Before starting the process, make sure that the hair is grown out completely to cut it once in every six weeks. Try to cut off the hair a few inches each time till the natural curl begins to take over again. Spread a little amount of hair grease on your hair in case it is too coarse and use a straightener to make it smooth as the hair grows out which will help the natural hair to blend in along with the chemically treated hair to fix it temporary. Perm the hair with the help of a professional hairstylist to avoid hair loss as well as split ends. Wash the hair using a protein rich shampoo to make it stay strong and condition the hair after every wash. Washing your hair every other day can be the best option so that the natural oils can enrich the hair. Taking care of the hair perfectly with proper maintenance can help to make it healthier as it grows back in.
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