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Hairstyle With Devilock


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The devilock is a punk rock hairstyle that was first seen wearing by the famed punk band Misfits in 1979. It has become one of the most recognizable hairstyles in the present day of the punk rock movement.
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First go through the pictures of devilock hairstyles from its originators such as Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only who sported it for years. Make sure to grow the hair out to make the top strands reach at least past the chin. Try to shave two half-moons in the front of your head by trimming the hair down and using clippers to push the hairline back. Try to straighten the hair on daily basis using a curling iron and brush it completely. Blow dry the hair and brush it out so the long strands on top of the head fall comes straight over your face. Now color the hair black or with an unusual color like platinum or pink or green. Try to crop the sides of the hair and keep it very short. Mist all over the hair with a good hairspray to mold the top strands into a devil’s tail by gently combing as well as blow drying your hair straight down and then pinching it together in the end. Create a little curve in the front of your hair strand to make it bend off of your head over the top. The long strand must be centered and smooth it to end the styling process.
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