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Maintain A Pressed Hair


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Pressing hair method can be used to make the hair straight without using any chemicals. Pressing is usually known as an alternative to perms and damaging methods. Even though this process is temporary, it can easily revert back to its natural texture soon. Here is a simple technique that can be used to make a pressed hair to stay longer.
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Avoid washing your hair or using any wet hair products as it can make pressed hair to quickly revert. Avoid doing extreme exercise and going out in hot weather. Try to reduce the length of your workout routine that will help to prevent excessive sweating which is one of the main factors to be aware of. Stay at home or in cool places during hot weather to reduce seating onto your pressed hair. Keep the hair tied up when you are at home to keep it out of the way. This will make the hair look straighter and healthier while protecting it from dust that can pull at your hair. Make sure to protect the hair while you sleep to avoid tangling which can affect the look of a pressed hair. It can also make the hair to look dull and lifeless. Use hair caps and satin pillowcases while going to bed which can help to make the pressed hair last longer. Use a flat iron to adjust your hair if it is frizzy or curly and try to re-straighten the sections.
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