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Steps to Foil Your Roots


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There will be significant root growth very early after coloring the hair within a week. But this issue can be solved by covering the roots that can be expensive if you are going to a salon. There are different supply outlets that have all the supplies that can be used to give your roots a salon-style foil touch-up at home.
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First go to a beauty supply store to get the styling items such as a hair color, gloves, mixing bowl, developing cream, hair foils and a brush for application. Take the hair color and mix it with a color-developing cream. Try to stir it together using the applicator brush and keep on mixing until it becomes creamy. Take the hair foils cut it into 2-3 inch sections and brush the hair into a two-inch section. Try to keep the hair foil beneath the selected section of hair and start using the hair color cream over the roots. Next fold the foil into half so that the hair gets completely covered. Use the process all over your entire head by dividing the hair into many two-inch sections and apply the hair color till the entire root is coated with color covered with foil. Leave your hair with the color for the time mentioned on the packaging which is usually up to 45 minutes and check a section of hair to see whether it has got your desired color. Finally wash the hair with a shampoo and condition it completely.
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