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Caesar Fade Hairstyle


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Fade hairstyle are of different variations that can be recognized only by a hairstylist. A Caesar fade is one of the variations that is known to be a partial fade which can look good on any type of medium to short hair. In this hairstyle only few important parts of the head of hair will be faded.
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To get this hairstyle, first wrap a cloth around your shoulders and stand in front of a mirror to start the styling process. Then brush the hair with a comb to make it flat and remove any snarls. Keep a clipper blade onto your head and select the blade that dictates the length of Caesar haircut. Start cutting the hair at the top of your head and then pull the clippers on your scalp over the opposite direction from the way the hair grows. Brush the loose hair and continue to move the clippers on top of your head by working from the forehead to back of your head. Try to keep the clippers near the nape of the neck and pull it up toward on top of your head. Continue this process at the back of your head and from ear to ear. Take the clipper blade from your clipper and cut through random hairs at the back of your neck. Make sure to keep the clipper’s blades level on top of your ear and pull the clippers down to get rid of the side burns.
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