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Methods To Sew Weave Weft


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Most of the people in the present day wear a hair weave as it can give a lengthy and voluminous look. A good hair weave can be easily done by using a needle and thread. Here are few simple methods that can helpful in sewing in weave weft. Make sure use the thread that matches the hair color along with curved hair-weaving needles that are available in a beauty supply store.
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First wash your hair with a shampoo and braid a cornrow in a circular pattern. Take the curved sewing needle with about 12 inches of thread and tie a large knot at the end of your thread. Start sewing the thread along each individual braid and complete it over the entire head. Beginning at the base of your head, keep the end of your weave weft on the braid at the bottom left side of your head. Run the needle underneath the weft and braid by looping the thread around the weft as well as the braid. Do the loop twice to get a secure starting point. Continue sewing your weft to the braids in a straight line across and curve upward near your ear by continuing around the head. Continue sewing weft to your hair in a circular pattern and leave about half inch of space between the rows till you reach the crown of your head. At last cut the thread and tie a tight knot at the end.
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