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Pancake Braid


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Pancake braid is a hairstyle that can give a great look for anyone who wears it. It is a elegant hairstyle that is perfect choice for a special occasions such as a wedding. This style is mostly liked by women in all across the world as it can be easily created. It can also be created with a double twist and you can also add any hair accessory to make this hairstyle look glamorous.
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To create this hairstyle, first comb your hair smoothly and separate the entire hair into three sections vertically.  From the center section of the hair collect the strand of hair to divide it into three sections and start creating a standard three strand braid. While braiding the hair try to add a section of hair from left side along with the left strand. You must also add a section of hair from the right side and add it along with the right strand whole braiding it. Continue this process until you reach the end of the braid. Secure the end of the braid with elastic band and pull out the braided strands. Try to fold the remaining hair into the braid and then secure it with a bobby pin. Take the left side of the hair and twist it gently to pull the twisted hair out and keep it above the braid to secure it with bobby pin. Use the same method on the other side of the head to end the styling process.
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