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Two-Tone Micro Braids


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If you are planning to change the hairstyle that you have been wearing, try to go for micro braids that can give a very unique look. Micro braids can be worn as an up-do or even worn down. But there are other things that can make this hairstyle more amazing such as using hair color. Just follow these simple steps to create two-tone micro braids.
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First take a two-toned braiding hair weave and separate it into two parts. Next take both two hair braiding pieces and overlap it one over the other at the center which should look like a cross with four parts of hair. Take two pieces at the bottom and then put them together to create a single piece. Use a comb to create a small section in the hair and collect the hair strand using your fingers. Divide the hair into two using your fingers and try to add the two pieces of hair weave. Take your hair piece over the right side of your head and keep it between the middle & left strands with a tight grip. Take the strand over the left side of your head and keep it over the right next to the middle strand. Continue this process until you reach the end of three stranded hair. Use the same method on the other parts of your head to end the styling process. Make sure you don’t braid hair too tight as it may cause thinning of your hairline.
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