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Hairstyle With Mermaid Waves


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Having a hairstyle with mermaid waves can easily give a glamorous for anyone who likes to create a hairstyle within minutes. This style can be achieved without getting help from a hairstylist and it is also a perfect choice for those who have medium to long hair. There are many celebrities who like to style their hair in this way for special occasions. You must have few styling products to achieve this hairstyle at home such as a comb, hot tool crimper, hair gel, hairspray and hair clips. Use the following technique to get this hairstyle on your hair without spending too much time.
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To create this hairstyle, first comb the hair as usual and collect the top hair from the crown to secure it separately. Next take the hair from the back crown and divide it into small sections. Then take one section of the hair and keep it in a hot tool crimper for about 6 seconds from top to the end of the hair. Do the same with the other sections of the hair and then take out the clip from the top crown hair that was secured earlier. Divide this part into tiny sections and put it in the hot tool crimper just like the other sections. Now add a little amount of shinning hair product all over the hair only if required or you can just end the styling process by misting the hair with a hairspray.
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