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Kristen Bell’s Triple Braid


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Kristen Bell with a triple braid has got a very beautiful look that is a perfect choice for a special event. It is mostly usually worn by kids, but even adults wear it to get a completely new look. This hairstyle can easily give a very attractive look for anyone who wears it with a long hair. You can also add any type of hair accessories to make it look more unique. Here is a simple method that can helpful in creating this beautiful hairstyle without getting any help.
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KRISTEN BELL at Do Something Awards in Santa Monica kristen bell braid6
Before starting the hair make sure that the length of the hair is long enough to create the braid or you must use hair extensions to achieve the look. Then wash your hair with a shampoo and try to condition properly. Use a blow dyer to dry your hair completely keeping it as straight as possible. Next take two inch section of the hair from the front of your hairline and pull it upward toward to right side of the head. Keep the hair in place using bobby pins and take another two inch section over the right ear to separate it into smaller bunches. Starting braiding your hair by twisting all the sections together and try to crisscross till you reach a inch above from the bottom of your hair. Now take another two inch section of your hair near the first braid to create another braid and hold the braid in place with elastic band.
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