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Toning In Hair Coloring


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Toning is usually used on the hair that is overly brassy because of lightening. The toner uses opposite tones in this hair to balance it accordingly giving the hair a desired neutral effect. Toners are also used in hair coloring, but you must follow few important techniques to do this.
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Before starting the hairstyling process, try to purchase the right toner for your hair. If you have an overly brassy hair or it is in a yellow color stage, get ash or blue-violet based toner. In case the hair is in a dark orange or red stage, use the toner with a blue-green base. There are also neutral toners that can be used for a simple switch color. Wear gloves and a protective cape before using the hair color. Try to mix the hair toner as per the instructions and follow it as close as possible. Mix equal amounts of toner and shake it well in the hair-color bottle. Use the mixture over the towel-dried hair. Apply it starting at the roots and move the toner down over the hair shaft till the end. Try to distribute the toner throughout the hair by combing the hair in small sections with a wide-tooth comb. Make sure to use the toning solution only over slightly damp strands of the hair and avoid using it on the dry hair as they can absorb hair color inconsistently in certain spots that can give an uneven appearance.
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