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Taking Care Of Relaxer Burns


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Hair relaxers are usually used with strong chemicals that can change the curl pattern inside the shaft of the hair. The chemicals that are left on your scalp can cause a chemical burn and it needs special care.  It is better to get help from a hair specialist in case the burn is heavy who can also suggest a doctor for better treatment. You must also have lot of patience to heal the burn without affecting the hair. Here are few simple methods that can be followed to treat the relaxer burns in your hair.
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Before starting the process, try to leave the relaxer burn hair to dry on its own and scab. Avoid combing the hair and make it fall naturally. Use the shampoo that is gentle with your hair and deep moisturize it with a conditioner. Use the pads of the finger tips to massage the hair products gently into your hair. Leave your hair to dry on its own and do not use any heat on your hair like a blow dryer or flat iron. Apply aloe in between the hair washings to help with urge to itch it and it will also keep the area of your head moisturized to facilitate the scabs falling off easily. Avoid using any type of hair products that contain alcohol as it can irritate the burn. Brush your hair gently for few weeks which will help to heal the burn without affecting it further.
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